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Library Tutorials: Scholarly Publishing Videos

The following tutorials will help you get started using the research tools provided by Himmelfarb.

Scholarly Publishing Videos General Information

What is Scholarly Publishing?

Scholarly publishing is the result of research from which scholarly writings are created. Scholarly publishing exists to:

  1. Describe the research
  2. Evaluate its reliability and reproducibility
  3. Disseminate it through multiple channels
  4. Preserve what has been done for future use. Further inquiry and subsequent knowledge is created from this system, which in turn results in additional communication among scholars.

Scholarly Publishing Tutorials

The Scholarly Communications Committee in the Himmelfarb Health Sciences Library has created a series of short (~5 min) videos covering a wide range of scholarly publishing topics. To access the full collection of videos, visit this page.

Visit the Himmelfarb Library Scholarly Communications Committee's complete Scholarly Publishing guide to learn more. Topics include predatory publishing, author rights, open access publishing, and more.