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Health Sciences Education Research: 2018 Publications

Peer-reviewed publications on research in medicine and health sciences education by the George Washington University SPHHS, SON, and MISPH faculty.


Ahmadzia, H., Cigna, S., Namagembe, I., Macri, C., Galerneau, F., & Magriples, U. (2018). Teaching obstetric ultrasound at mulago hospital - kampala, uganda. African Health Sciences, 18(1), 166-171. doi:10.4314/ahs.v18i1.21 [doi] Find It @ Himmelfarb

Asgary, R. (2018). A collaborative multidisciplinary and without-walls research curriculum in global health. The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, 99(5), 1283-1290. doi:10.4269/ajtmh.16-0980 [doi] Find It @ Himmelfarb

Chua, I. S., & Bogetz, A. L. (2018). Patient feedback requirements for medical students: Do perceived risks outweigh the benefits? Clinical Pediatrics, 57(2), 193-199. doi:10.1177/0009922817696464 [doi] Find It @ Himmelfarb

Crisafio, A., Anderson, V., & Frank, J. (2018). Video modeling of SBIRT for alcohol use disorders increases student empathy in standardized patient encounters. Academic Psychiatry : The Journal of the American Association of Directors of Psychiatric Residency Training and the Association for Academic Psychiatry, 42(2), 309-312. doi:10.1007/s40596-017-0669-5 [doi] Find It @ Himmelfarb

DiSabella, M., Walsh, H., Sarnacki, R., & Goldman, E. (2018). Using qualitative inquiry to enhance a child neurology residency. Journal of Child Neurology, 33(14), 888-893. doi:10.1177/0883073818798118 [doi] Find It @ Himmelfarb

Gaeta, T., Mahalingam, G., Pyle, M., Dam, A., & Visconti, A. (2018). Using an alumni survey to target improvements in an emergency medicine training programme. Emergency Medicine Journal : EMJ, 35(3), 189-191. doi:10.1136/emermed-2017-206692 [doi] Find It @ Himmelfarb

Gandhi, T. K., Kaplan, G. S., Leape, L., Berwick, D. M., Edgman-Levitan, S., Edmondson, A., Meyer, G. S., Michaels, D., Morath, J. M., Vincent, C., & Wachter, R. (2018). Transforming concepts in patient safety: A progress report. BMJ Quality & Safety, 27(12), 1019-1026. doi:10.1136/bmjqs-2017-007756 [doi] Find It @ Himmelfarb

Hord, J., Shah, M., Badawy, S. M., Matthews, D., Hilden, J., Wayne, A. S., Salsberg, E., Leavey, P. S., & American Society of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Workforce Advisory Taskforce. (2018). The american society of pediatric Hematology/Oncology workforce assessment: Part 1-current state of the workforce. Pediatric Blood & Cancer, 65(2), 10.1002/pbc.26780. Epub 2017 Oct 25. doi:10.1002/pbc.26780 [doi] Find It @ Himmelfarb

Ishimine, P., Adelgais, K., Barata, I., Klig, J., Kou, M., Mahajan, P., Merritt, C., Stoner, M. J., Cloutier, R., Mistry, R., & Denninghoff, K. R. (2018). Executive summary: The 2018 academic emergency medicine consensus conference: Aligning the pediatric emergency medicine research agenda to reduce health outcome gaps. Academic Emergency Medicine : Official Journal of the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine, 25(12), 1317-1326. doi:10.1111/acem.13667 [doi] Find It @ Himmelfarb

Levine, R. E., Borges, N. J., Roman, B. J. B., Carchedi, L. R., Townsend, M. H., Cluver, J. S., Frank, J., Morey, O., Haidet, P., & Thompson, B. M. (2018). High-stakes collaborative testing: Why not? Teaching and Learning in Medicine, 30(2), 133-140. doi:10.1080/10401334.2017.1365719 [doi] Find It @ Himmelfarb

Lichtenstein, C., Cora-Bramble, D., Ottolini, M., & Agrawal, D. (2018). Is there a return on a children's hospital's investment in a pediatric residency's community health track? A cost analysis. Journal of Community Health, 43(2), 372-377. doi:10.1007/s10900-017-0433-5 [doi] Find It @ Himmelfarb

Lichtenstein, C., de la Torre, D., Falusi, O., Sims, A., Smiley, Y., & Baiyewu, M. (2018). Using a community bus tour for pediatric residents to increase their knowledge of health disparities. Academic Pediatrics, 18(6), 717-719. doi:S1876-2859(18)30124-4 [pii] Find It @ Himmelfarb

Long, M. W., Albright, G., McMillan, J., Shockley, K. M., & Price, O. A. (2018). Enhancing educator engagement in school mental health care through digital simulation professional development. The Journal of School Health, 88(9), 651-659. doi:10.1111/josh.12670 [doi] Find It @ Himmelfarb

Muradian, S., Widge, A., Hanson, J. L., Lane, J. L., Boogaard, C., Agrawal, D., Ottolini, M., & Hamburger, E. K. (2018). Tools for learning about the referral and consultation process for pediatric residents. Academic Pediatrics, 18(3), 357-359. doi:S1876-2859(18)30015-9 [pii] Find It @ Himmelfarb

Nichols, T. B., Hawley, A. C., Smith, W. R., Wheeler, A. R.,3rd, & McIntosh, S. E. (2018). Avalanche safety practices among backcountry skiers and snowboarders in jackson hole in 2016. Wilderness & Environmental Medicine, 29(4), 493-498. doi:S1080-6032(18)30104-2 [pii] Find It @ Himmelfarb

Pourmand, A., Lee, H., Fair, M., Maloney, K., & Caggiula, A. (2018). Feasibility and usability of tele-interview for medical residency interview. The Western Journal of Emergency Medicine, 19(1), 80-86. doi:10.5811/westjem.2017.11.35167 [doi] Find It @ Himmelfarb

Pourmand, A., Woodward, C., Shokoohi, H., King, J. B., Taheri, M. R., King, J., & Lawrence, C. (2018). Impact of asynchronous training on radiology learning curve among emergency medicine residents and clerkship students. The Permanente Journal, 22, 10.7812/TPP/17-055. doi:10.7812/TPP/17-055 [doi] Find It @ Himmelfarb

Shah, N. H., Bhansali, P., Barber, A., Toner, K., Kahn, M., MacLean, M., Kadden, M., Sestokas, J., & Agrawal, D. (2018). Children with medical complexity: A web-based multimedia curriculum assessing pediatric residents across north america. Academic Pediatrics, 18(1), 79-85. doi:S1876-2859(17)30469-2 [pii] Find It @ Himmelfarb

Weiner, S. L., Tu, R., Javan, R., & Taheri, M. R. (2018). Health care economics: A study guide for neuroradiology fellows, part 1. AJNR.American Journal of Neuroradiology, 39(1), 2-9. doi:10.3174/ajnr.A5381 [doi] Find It @ Himmelfarb

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