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Health Sciences Education Research: 2009 Publications

Peer-reviewed publications on research in medicine and health sciences education by the George Washington University SPHHS, SON, and MISPH faculty.

2009 Publications

Aiyer, M. K., Dorsch, J. L., Mintz, M., Torre, D. M., Thomas, M. R., Papp, K. K., & Durning, S. (2009). Medical informatics in the internal medicine clerkship: Results of a national survey. Medical Teacher, 31(8), e351-e355. Find It @ Himmelfarb

Al-Bawardy, R., Blatt, B., Al-Shohaib, S., & Simmens, S. J. (2009). Cross-cultural comparison of the patient-centeredness of the hidden curriculum between a saudi arabian and 9 US medical schools. Medical Education Online, 14, 19. Find It @ Himmelfarb

Chretien, K. C. (2009). Stuck. Journal of General Internal Medicine, 24(5), 688-689. Find It @ Himmelfarb

Chretien, K. C., Greysen, S. R., Chretien, J. -., & Kind, T. (2009). Online posting of unprofessional content by medical students. JAMA, 302(12), 1309-1315. Find It @ Himmelfarb

DeZee, K. J., Thomas, M. R., Mintz, M., & Durning, S. J. (2009). Letters of recommendation: Rating, writing, and reading by clerkship directors of internal medicine. Teaching and Learning in Medicine, 21(2), 153-158. Find It @ Himmelfarb

Durning, S. J., Dyrbye, L. N., Mechaber, A. J., Thomas, M. R., Fischer, M., O'Brien, K., Baker, E. A., Battistone, M. J., Mintz, M., Torre, D., & Hoellein, A. R. (2009). Journal watch from ACE (alliance for clinical education): Annual review of medical education articles in internal medicine journals 2006-2007. Teaching & Learning in Medicine, 21(1), 72-75. Find It @ Himmelfarb

Goldman, E., Plack, M. M., Roche, C., Smith, J., & Turley, C. (2009). Learning in a chaotic environment. Journal of Workplace Learning, 21(7), 555-574. Find It @ Himmelfarb

Kind, T., Everett, V. R., & Ottolini, M. (2009). Learning to connect: Students' reflections on doctor-patient interactions. Patient Education and Counseling, 75(2), 149-154. doi:10.1016/j.pec.2008.09.011 Find It @ Himmelfarb

May, L., Acquaviva, K., Dorfman, A., & Posey, L. (2009). Medical student perceptions of self-paced, web-based electives: A descriptive study. American Journal of Distance Education, 23(4), 212-223. Find It @ Himmelfarb

Mintz, M., Narvarte, H. J., O'Brien, K. E., Papp, K. K., Thomas, M., & Durning, S. J. (2009). Use of electronic medical records by physicians and students in academic internal medicine settings. Academic Medicine, 84(12), 1698-1704. Find It @ Himmelfarb

Moser, E. M., & Stagnaro-Green, A. (2009). Teaching behavior change concepts and skills during the third-year medicine clerkship. Academic Medicine, 84(7), 851-858. Find It @ Himmelfarb

O'Brien, T. J., Goodsaid, F., Plack, M., Harralson, A., Harrouk, W., Hales, T. G., Mandel, H. G., Perry, D. C., Kennedy, K., Sarvazyan, N., & Chiappinelli, V. A. (2009). Development of an undergraduate pharmacogenomics curriculum: Content and application. Pharmacogenomics, 10(12), 1979-1986. Find It @ Himmelfarb

Pearl, P. L., Pettiford, J. M., Heffron, A., Healton, S., Hovaguimian, A., & Macri, C. J. (2009). Introducing a neurogenetics curriculum into the neurology medical school clerkship. Annals of Neurology, 66(Suppl. 13), S135. Find It @ Himmelfarb

Rayburn, W. F., Alexander, H. J. L., & Scott, J. L. (2009). First-time department chairs at U.S. medical schools: A 29-year perspective on recruitment and retention. Academic Medicine, 84(10), 1336-1341. Find It @ Himmelfarb

Sierles, F., Brodkey, A., Cleary, L., McCurdy, F. A., Mintz, M., Frank, J., Lynn, D. J., Chao, J., Morgenstern, B., Shore, W., & Woodard, J. (2009). Relationships between drug company representatives and medical students: Medical school policies and attitudes of student affairs deans and third-year medical students. Academic Psychiatry, 33(6), 478-483. Find It @ Himmelfarb

Garrison, D., & Frank, J. B. (2008). The narrative exercise: Introduction to therapeutic communication in the psychiatry clerkship. Retrieved August 2, 2010, from

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